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Before there was Like Young Records, there was my solo music project known as Like Young.
Over the years I would make many demos and tracks, release them fore free and hope that at least one other person showed some amount of interest in them .

I decided I wanted to releases physical versions of my music so I did a limited run of my first two tracks I ever made on cassette, that would become the first ever Like Young Records release.

A few years went by and I kept making music under the name and decided I wanted to write an entire album and this is that album.

Fame was something I'd thought of for a bit and it's the idea of becoming famous and how much we glorify fame. I'm really interested when someone because famous quickly and how they handle dealing with these emotions and sudden success. So, I applied that thought process to these tracks and tried to ultimately create a soundtrack of the crucial moments in one's life.

This tells the story of a young person who becomes famous and dies alone.

It's hopeful and bleak, but in the end, we all die.

This year celebrates the 5 anniversary of this release, so I decided to dust if off and give it physical treatment for the very first time.

I hope you enjoy it and I just wanted to thank anyone who has listened to anything I've released under this name.

It means the world to me.


1. Youth
2. Teens
3. Glitz
4. Glame
5. Fame
6. Adult
7. Death
8. Free


50 Gray
10 Silver (Tape Club Exclusive)