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Anagnorisis - Peripeteia CS

Image of Anagnorisis - Peripeteia CS

Anagnorisis - Peripeteia

Peripeteia shifts in tone and melody while creating a sense of emotion that plays off the voice recordings so well, it’s perfection. This record is one of the most haunting, intense and emotionally draining records I’ve ever heard in the world of music and even in my entire life. Yet, with all of that being said, there is a delicate touch with the production allowing each track to flow through these emotional waves proposed both tonally and lyrically so effortlessly. It’s beautiful. This is something beyond special that will make a statement and leave a mark on what American black metal can be.


1. Transparent -

2. Disgust & Remorse, Pt I

3. Disgust & Remorse, Pt II

4. 5306 Morningside

5. Night Skies Over Nothingness

6. Peripeteia

7. Metamorphosis

8. Transparent +


25 Yellow Tint

“Autobiographical black metal with the weight of reality” . Invisible Oranges

“Black metal expansionists…” Decibel Magazine

"[W]hat really solidifies its greatness is the mournful air lurking in each song, lending heart and soul to a cold and dark journey." LEO Weekly